Stupid Cupid

By: Jason Robinson
One thing I know for sure.
I ain't ever missed like this before.
Had 'em both right in my line of sight.
Her's veered a little right.

So now he might,
have something more in common with a kite.
As he soars through the air,
watch him climb to high heights.

I've fired many arrows.
I know what one can do.
I just shot this dude with two.

Stupid Cupid,
What have you done?
Congrats you shot me through my heart,
but how'd you miss the other one?

While I've been idle,
I, I wonder where she's gone.
You're gonna help me find her,
grab your gear, and come on.

I'm sorry Mister,
I'm friend not foe.
I reached in my quiver for another to deliver,
instead I broke my bow.

But take one look down.
You're the one that can't be found.

Everything he said was true.
The proof is right up over you.

I, I can touch the sky, I float,
but, most would say I fly.
If you looked up, you'd see,
how high I'm over you.

At night time.
The air is cold and thin.
Makes me wish I could descend.
But if I did we'd both know,
I'm falling over you.

Did you see what hit me?
It was so unfair.
One moment I'm by your side.
The next I'm in the air.

I waved so you could see me,
but distance says you can't.
I dreamt you used a telescope,
and saw my wound then ran.

Well, maybe I'm crazy,
You won't run, you'll stay.

I'm so far up in the sky.
We can't hear the words each say.
We don't even talk that much.
Impossible to keep in touch.

When every time you come around
My feet just leave the ground.

I, I can touch the sky, I float,
but, most would say I fly.
If you looked up, you'd see,
how high I'm over you.

And if the...
If the tables flipped and turned.
Once I looked up, and I learned.
I would take the first flight,
I could find, up to you.

I think I found,
why I can't come down.
I've tried my best,
but this is in my chest.

I've tried to remove them,
They won't break or bend.
That arrow missed you,
and I miss my friend.

I, I can touch the sky, I float,
but, most would say I fly.
If you looked up, you'd see,
how high I'm over you.

At night time...
When the storm comes closing in,
and the rain falls with the wind.
The clouds and my eyes,
both will cry over you.

It's not my fault.
I'm victim of an assault.
Turned around and got shot.
Please find the letter I dropped.

It reads "Dear friend,
I hope you can understand,
I think the world of you.
That's why, I'm over you."

Sound Advice

My love and fascination of music drew me to music composition. Combined with the joy of thoroughly communicating my feelings and thoughts, songwriting became something I wanted to share with others. The chance that others might identify with my personal experiences and observations while nodding or singing along, and the prospect of having someone's attention for a couple of minutes, and possibly impacting them positively for a lifetime. These were my motivations for recording Sound Advice.

Album Credits

  • Lisa Viado

    EP Album Art, Website Design

  • Filip Osowski

    LP Album Art

  • Christian Robinson

    Conceptual Advisor, Human Sounding Board

  • Joseph "The Hand" Love

    Electric Bass (3)

  • Erick Schroder

    Orchestral Arrangement (3), Performance (3)

  • Daniel Montoya

    Songwriting (9)

  • Dave Schultz of d2 Mastering

    Mastering (1 - 11)

  • Ian Boxill

    Mixing (1-6, 8-11)

  • Eric Jackson

    Electric/Acoustic Guitars (3-11)

  • Jonathan Robinson

    Production (2-11), Performance (3-11), Songwriting (7), Background Vocals (2, 3, 9, 11), Mixing (7)

  • Jason Robinson

    Songwriting (1-11), Vocals (1-11), Performance (1-11), Production (1,2)

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