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The Seasons Lyrics

Today it dawned on me.
The Seasons, I'm not fond of three.
They taunt and bully me.
Play keep away with where I want to be.

Deep breathes, mixed with long sighs
Is how I tread the days, and wade the nights
Oh I'll be fine
Once I find a way, to turn back time.

Today it dawned on me.
The Seasons move in secrecy.
They point and laugh at me.
Mock through the wind, but I can't see.

What's dark was once so bright,
that's why I've dread the days, and fear the nights
Oh I'll be fine,
Once I find a way, to turn back time.

Snow, will you rise. back up to the sky.
Winter you're better off not knowing why.
And Fall talk to the trees, ask them please.
Will they turn back each leaf.

And Summer, explain to the sun.
Long days are fun, but I've gotta get back to the one
thing that only time can bring
The beauty I met, last Spring

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About Jaice
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I’m a singing songwriter from Southern California. I love blending different musical genres together, and then telling stories over them. My lyrics come from my own life experiences and observations of the world around me.

My goal is to make songs that resonate with people either musically or lyrically, but hopefully both. I hope you listen, relate and share!

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